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    Helpful hints for responding to press conference inquiries:

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      Advertisement is essential to your business. Most small business owners hand out cards or other promotional items, but what about gaining exposure through press conferences? Here are a few tips to help you achieve a smooth interview.


      ·         Share your personality. Interviewers look for unique traits that make conferences more interesting. Use an attention-grabbing anecdote that’s relevant to your line of work.

      ·         Do an online search of relevant queries and make a habit of responding to them. Sharing a bit of your knowledge can bring new customers to your business.

      ·         Keep it short and to the point. A paragraph or two will suffice as opposed to several paragraphs. The longer your response, the shorter your reader’s attention span.

      ·         Respond to relevant questions. Maintain focus on the issue that’s being discussed, redirect the conversation as needed.

      ·         Be polite to your journalist. Common courtesy goes a long way. Be sure to add a link to your company’s website so that he/she can verify that you are a genuine source.


      I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you’d handle an interview. ~Moderator Mel