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    current real estate broker license and current mortgage loan originators cert, I need help with marketing

    jpsmith Newbie

      Folks I need help, I had a real estate  mortgage company  in the past, hit the wall in 2008 and now I have update all the needed mortgage loan orginator requirements and have a Dept of Real Estate California broker license.

      Just starting so not much money yet for marketing, using alot of word of mouth and past clients to see if there is any needs.

      I need help with marketing, does anyone use craigslist or other online ads?

      Any suggestions on what steps to take. DBA, checking account, business license are all in place...lender contacts have been reignited, aligned with a friend that has 6- correspondant relationships, so I can offer institutional and private next is ( I guess like most ) how to get new clients.


      Any help, advice would be wonderful,