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    Hi my name is Terrell

    bigsho Newbie

      Working on opening a auto salvage yard. Work at a salvage yard for 8 years. Was a manager and car buy coordinator there. I already found a place got 54 acre. How do I find an investor that helps out with startup. Working on writing my business plan and business pitch now.

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          Moderator Rebecca Guide

          Hi Terrell,  Welcome to our community!  We have an excellent guide available that will be helpful in that process: Guide: How to develop a business plan.


          Once you have that complete, you might want to check with your local chapter of SCORE.  S.C.O.R.E is an organization made up of business executives and entrepreneurs, They offer free, confidential counseling and education on almost any subject that a small business owner may need.  They also provide mentoring for you and may be aware of various funding outlets available for your business that you have not thought of..


          Please browse around our expert articles and member discussion boards.  Feel free to jump in and ask questions.  We have a great community here that will be glad to assist.


          Be sure to keep us updated on how things are going!


          Best of luck,


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            LUCKIEST Guide

            Hi Terrell. I know about auto salvage yards.

            Would like to know what part of the country you are talking about and amount of investment.