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    Has anyone started a Daycare Center in Nashville, TN?

    gcstein1 Newbie

      My name is Griselda and my Church is looking into setting up a daycare.  I am the volunteer in charge of getting this done.  Advice?

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Questions that run through my mind:

          1.  Is this to be used as a ministry of the church (i.e. to provide a safe and caring place for children to learn and play) or to bring in extra funds for the church?

          2.  What is the church willing to add to make this a place that children and their families will look forward to coming to each day (outdoor play area, extra toys and learning centers,  pleasing and happy rooms, trained care-givers, etc?

          3.  What hours will you be open?  Will you work a little in the evening to accommodate parents that do not work 9-5?

          4.  Has your church written a ministry statement for this daycare?

          5.  Is the membership of the church in favor of this?  Or just the leadership of the church?

          6.  Do you plan to be open all year?  Or just open for the school year?

          7.  What training requirements do you plan to expect from the care-givers?

          8.  What does quality mean to your church membership?


          I'm sure you and your church are aware of the serious commitment this involves.  But  quality means many things to different people.  What sort of study have you all done in preparation for undergoing this?


          Best wishes!  You are undertaking a very loving and caring ministry.