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    looking for help

    bedeliahall46 Newbie

      I'm living in North Carolina, and want to start a staffing agency from home in my town and around North Carolina. I am having a lot of trouble even knowing where to start in this. I did a lot of research and just don't know. I have a name and check to make sure that no one else had It . I'm doing this alone so just need direction in the right place.

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          moderator_lisa Ranger

          Hello! Welcome to the community. We hope you'll take a look around and jump in wherever you feel comfortable. You can tell us a bit more about yourself and your venture in our Introduce Yourself area.


          Starting a new business is a huge undertaking. Do you have an area of specialization for your staffing agency? A good place to start is by defining your mission and goals; this can help you sort out where to begin planning. You'll also want to create a business plan to help guide you and mark your progress as your business thrives.  Here's a link to a great article written by one of our experts: Writing a business plan


          A few questions that may help you get started assessing your mission and goals:


          What market are you seeking to serve? Medical? Education? General labor, secretarial/administrative, specialized skills? 


          Do you want to do long-term assignments, or short-term, most often short-notice engagements?


          What expertise do you already have that can help to facilitate connecting employment candidates with those seeking employees?


          Once you have an idea of the types of businesses you'd like to serve, you can start finding ways to get to know employers in those fields and begin networking; find out where the needs are and how best you can help to meet those needs.


          I hope some of our members will have some other words of wisdom for you. Good luck in your adventure. Please check back in to let us know how things are going for you.



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            moderator_lee Navigator

            Hi bedeliahall46, welcome to our community, so glad you found us.


            Lisa has given much excellent advice, as usual. An additional approach I suggest in your situation is to try to connect with others running the same kind of business that you would like to run. There may be niche forums for socializing and support, and if not just take your area back one step to "slightly less specific" until you do find the right kind of crowd. Look for other people's stories of having started up such an endeavor and pore over them, you may learn from their mistakes.


            This provides a more personal aspect to the learning process that is often lacking when you are starting somethign up which you will run alone from your home, and online connections can help fill that gap. Of course, ours is a great one to have come cross this early on in your small business journey!


            Hope that helps, we always love your feedback.



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              smalltofeds Wayfarer

              I suggest a business plan and when you have completed it to the point where you are comfortable with launching your enterprise, use the name you have chosen to register your company with the state of North Carolina and the IRS.   Below are some tips in achieving this process:


              Give your start up idea the following test:


              1. Do you have a product or service niche in mind?


              2. Do you believe you have a market for 1 above and the means to reach it?


              3. Are you willing to develop a business plan using the tool kit linked below to validate 1 and 2 above before you launch?


              If the answer to the above questions is yes than take the actions indicated, observe the results, then make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed.






              I suggest you consider a single member LLC for your company type, based on your profile here.


              TO REGISTER YOUR LLC WITH THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA  go to the following site:




              You will find instructions to follow to and file on line if you would like. If not the addresses are provided to send the documents I discussed above to the state.   I suggest you explore the other web site sections and topics at the link above since it contains advice you may be able to use. In particular make sure you obtain your sales and use tax identification for sales taxes you must collect from North Carolina residents and remit to the state.


              For tax registration and identification please see the following site:




              HOW TO APPLY FOR A FEDERAL I.D. NUMBER (After you have registered with the state above and formed your LLC).


              Go to the Internal Revenue Web Site




              Best of luck,