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    Maintaining Focus While Working at Home

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      We all know the pros of having an in-home office, but what about the cons? How do you shift your attention to your office duties and away from laundry, cooking, personal calls and keeping an eye on the kids? Here are a few pointers that may help:


      Set office hours and adhere to that time frame. Keep your office door shut once you punch your time card at the end of the day. Leave business chores for the next working day.

      When you’re in the office, be at work. Use this time to handle calls and emails. Process job tasks efficiently, make sure paperwork is correct and complete and all monies collected are either locked away safely or deposited in the appropriate accounts.

      Exercise during the day. Stretch and walk around. Remember to dress accordingly if you must run out for business meetings. A change of scenery can work wonders.

      Keep in regular contact with partners, co-workers, employees. Conduct these correspondences professionally and stick to relevant information.

      Choose a specific area for your home office. Somewhere quiet, in an area that promotes productivity. Keep the area clean and comfortable should you invite your clients for council.

      Your home office should be equipped with sufficient technology. Everything that would allow for smooth collaboration between customers, vendors, co-workers, etc.


      What other steps do you take to ensure working from home is the best experience for your business? ~Moderator Mel

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Good post moderator mel.

          Today there is an explosion of home based businesses.

          As you pointed out, there are many reasons leading both women and men to work from their homes.

          You can save on wear and tear on your body NOT commuting.

          Plus save big on NOT commuting and also be more productive.

          One can participate to a greater extent in raising the family.

          The disabled and senior citizens are discovering working possibilities  that enable them to stay at home.

          Operating a successful business of any kind from your home requires good planning

          a Business Plan and good Professionals.


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              Moderator Cath Guide

              Good addition, Luckiest.  I have discovered that some think working at home is combining remote work situations with family duties.  When you are working remotely you are WORKING.  And as stated above, family duties: laundry, errands,visiting with friends, babysitting, etc are not part of this.  Working remotely can be quite fulfilling but one must remind friends and oneself, it IS a job and needs to be treated as such.


              One area that is often difficult is letting friends know that, although you enjoy visiting with them, your work hours are exactly that work time.  You may have to put a note on your door. 


              Treat this as a work situation and you will discover the benefits of working remotely and you will quickly find out if this is for you or not.