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    Wordle and windows 10

    orbital config Tracker



      I am wondering if they have come out with anything like WORDLE to get me those word clouds again. this was such an advantage to me searching sites all the way to what the best words to use is for marketing material.


      When Windows 10 come out doesn't work, it is a java deal for the most part, at least it was anyways, probably other things now but I want my wordle back or something like it, this was a great tool.


      Let me know if you have found something or know of site that may be similar.





        • Re: Wordle and windows 10
          moderator_lee Navigator

          Hi orbital config,


          Have you tried using Firefox, and making sure your Java plugin is up-to-date? This may be all you need to do to get it working in Windows 10, it has been known to not be compatible with Chrome. You probably want to clear your cache and any cookies after updating, to make sure no data is still from the old version. Hope this helps, if not we may have some moderators or members that are a little more familiar with Wordle that can offer further information.