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    Increasing productivity by getting creative with time cards

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      Having paper time sheets, to-do lists, and time management apps in your portfolio keep you on schedule and organized. But, let’s take another look at your time management techniques to see if there is anything we can improve on:


      • Many Meetings? Try combining an exercise routine with your next meeting and kill one bird with two stones.
      • Bulk Tasking: Structure workdays by combining like tasks.
      • Collaboration: Large project? Plan companywide involvement. Set tight deadlines.
      • Prioritize: To avoid that midafternoon slump, prioritize employee breaks by offering regular refreshing time outs. Create a space that encourages employees to take a quick walk.


      It’s possible to increase your profit margin by paying attention to the needs of employees and fine tuning the current break schedule. ~Moderator Mel

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          I wanted to add a bit about flexible scheduling to this entry. The financial strain of having a revolving door or a high turnover rate can bring a business to its knees. So be sure to consider the work-life equation while scheduling employees and focus on improving workforce satisfaction.


          • Offer remote positions. Telecommuters who work from the comfort of home can be more productive when they’re able to work without distraction.
          • Scheduling employees to work fewer workdays can save them money in commuting costs.
          • Allowing workers to choose the hours they’re available to work can create dedicated employees who can make better use of their time.
          • Flexible scheduling reduces unplanned absences. This type of scheduling gives the employee the opportunity to show their employer that getting the hours they need during a flexible time frame can only benefit the company.
          • A company that offers this type of scheduling can appreciate an increase in workforce accountability as well as productivity.
          • Having access to a more forgiving time frame can accommodate major life changes, should an illness occur or the birth of a child.
          • Make-up hours that can be done in the evening or another day if the employee has missed some time is another perk.
          • Eliminate the old 9 to 5. Think outside of the standard workday and see productivity increase.
          • Plan a volunteer day and donate company time.
          • Decide to accommodate employees that work in the National Guard.


          If workforce retention is your goal, these tips are a good way to start earning employee satisfaction. I’d love to know your thoughts. ~Moderator Mel