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    B. Scott Techonology Group B2B Unit

    bscottech Adventurer
      Do you have a small biz? Are you currently marketing? Do you have a website?

      If you answered Yes, to those questions then The B. Scott Technology Group has an offer for you!

      the coming weeks the B. Scott Technology Group is launching a new
      service for all Small, Mid-sized Businesses. We have alot of industry
      leading partners that have no trouble getting by on just their names
      alone and we want to also connect with everyone. Google Adwords and
      AdSense is fine services. However, we want to connect with real people
      running real businesses. That's you!!

      If you have a website and
      are looking for some FREE advertising contact us. What we will be doing
      is setting up a page for all of our small and medium sized businesses.
      This page will include a link, caption and a logo to your site.

      client base and our services are expanding everyday and if you have a
      specialty that one or all of our clients or even we can use. We want
      you to shine as well and send you the business first. All of our new
      partners will also enjoy deep discounted services and products from us!

      Send us an email with a link and a caption about your business. And we will put it up on our page launching shortly.

      Let's keep small business growing and lets do it together!

      Contact The B. Scott Technology Group :