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    It’s that time again! That’s right, Vacation Time!

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      Everyone needs that down time to relax and recharge. We also know that we must safeguard our cash, credit cards and traveler’s cheques especially if they’re tied to our businesses. Here are a few tips you may have overlooked:


      ü  Take important documents with you – don’t pack them away in luggage that has to be checked.


      ü  Make copies of your important documents – stow the originals somewhere safe.


      ü  Take care when using free Wi-Fi – be sure your connections are encrypted.


      ü  Take inventory of you purse or wallet – if you’re planning to dance the night away at a clue, remove sensitive information first.


      ü  Bring only what you need – don’t clutter your purse or wallet with unnecessary documents.


      ü  Keep a close eye on your credit card accounts – watch your balances and monitor credit reports for signs of any unauthorized uses.


      ü  Make arrangements to keep your mail safe – you can have a hold put on your mail delivery or have a neighbor that you trust collect it so that it won’t be lying around or building up in your mailbox. Same goes for papers.


      What steps do you take to keep your private information safe when planning a vacation? ~Moderator Mel