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    Is your business prepared?

    moderator_lisa Ranger

      This is a real risk, affecting real companies. Is your business prepared for this type of attack? What would you do if you found yourself and your company victimized by one of these malware predators? Check out this article, then please share your thoughts in comments below.  Small Business Ransomware Attacks. Here’s What You Need to Know



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          juliastaromana Adventurer

          I would like to add a tip on how to protect yourself from ransomware.


          If you're a small business owner managing your own website, using plugins are often easier than having a developer make changes on your website. But some types of ransomware come from free or old widgets or plugins. So as much as possible, avoid downloading and using plugins that don't come from reputable developers. See if they respond to user comments and check the reviews. If they don't respond, if the plugin hasn't been updated, or not a lot of people has downloaded and used it, it would be best to stay away from it.