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    naz2017-. Newbie

      Hi everyone,

                    I am new to this group, an want to know more about other businesses as well as talk about business which I am running.

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          moderator_lisa Ranger

          Welcome to the community; you've come to the right place! Please feel free to share a little bit about yourself and your business so our members can get to know you better. You may also want to check out the Community Guidelines so you can be sure the content you post isn't removed for unexpected violations. Thanks for joining us!



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              naz2017-. Newbie

              Hi Lisa, Thanks for welcoming to this community. Yes I am Research Scientist. Our business, is direct access service to peoples who do not have health insurance or have High deductible insurance. Our prices are affordable so people can do these test to control their health.

              By doing this I also want to help out our communities by making awareness on drug uses and so on.

              Specifically, teenage kids and their parents.