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      PACE TULSA AGS Foundation has been concerned with pedestrian awareness

      crosswalk education for over 4 years.


      Pedestrian Awareness Crosswalk Education forums are a valuable online resource

      to capture information directly from resident’s perceptions on 31st & S. Harvard to

      41st & S. Yale. Open discussions and enhanced awareness in these area will make

      a dramatic impact in the minds of Tulsan's that travel to this part of town and on the

      business people that work in this area.  Hopefully, 31st & S. Harvard to 41st

      & S. Yale known as, Ranch Acres, will continue towards the path of growth it has

      achieved because of these structural improvements to our streets, sidewalks, roads

      and sanitation systems.


      Some of our topics will include Safety Perceptions This study will include

      evaluations in several areas related to traffic safety, including:


      ·        Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety


      ·        Data/Traffic Records (Crash Statistics)


      ·        Youth Driver Education


      ·        Emergency Medical Services


      ·        Impaired Driving Prevention


      ·        Motorcycle Safety


      ·        Occupant Protection and Child Passenger Safety


      ·        Fatalities


      ·        Crime


      Working with City officials, planners, engineers, local business owners we

      will be gaining more insight into the needs and viewpoints of pedestrians

      in our community.


      This study will be measuring high-impact travel, crime, lighting, ATS

      systems, crosswalk culpability and feasible implementations structurally.


      *Our study is an examination of the areas between 31st & Harvard and 41st &

      Yale in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the summer months of 2017.*


      According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office in 2016, “The vast majority

      of motor vehicle fatalities in Oklahoma are the result of driver behavior.

      Impaired driving, speeding, distracted driving, and not wearing a seat

      belt.  These behaviors can be changed through awareness, education and

      strict enforcement of traffic safety laws.”[i]


      We will begin our intersection crosswalk awareness study today April 28,

      2017 and continue for the next 6 months.  Hopefully, in cooperation with

      local businesses, organizations, and pedestrian safety advocates, we will

      be able to update our listener's with the latest information and online

      resources concerning urban and suburban adaptations within public safety

      awareness intersection efforts locally.  We will be designing specificity

      surveys as they relate to the perceptions of participants willing to

      volunteer input.  Additionally, along with survey participants we will be

      recommending improvements based on our findings.  PACE TULSA AGS is already

      Aware of the Following Recommendations based on The Bicycle and Pedestrian

      Advisory Committees presentations to the Tulsa City Council December 20,



      1.  Improve Tulsa's status as a Bicycle Friendly and Walk Friendly

        community designation by 2017.


      2.  Reduce preventable pedestrian and bicycle fatality rates by 50 percent

        by 2017.


      3.  Triple Tulsa's bicycle commuting rate and achieve 3 percent walk

        commuting rate by 2017.


      4.  Target 7 percent of the city's transportation capital funding for

        bicycle and pedestrian transportation.


      5.  Educate the public, law enforcement and elementary school students on

        bicycle and pedestrian laws and safety.




      If anyone is interested in coming on-board, DO NO HESITATE...Give me a buzz

      by email:


      Thank you for your attention to these matters,


      *"The opportunities of mercy that abounds us are created within the ‘spirit

      of benevolence.’"-Terence Morris*