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    What’s In Your Admin Emergency Kit?

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      As professionals on the go, we rely on the items in our bag of tricks to maintain our professional appearance. Whether our caches of gadgets are personal, professional or a mix of both, we need these things to get us through the work day. How many of these can you find in your kit?


      ü  Sticky Notes – great for memos and reminders

      ü  Stain Eraser – erase eating mistakes and remain a sharply dressed professional

      ü  USB Drives – carry computer data in the palm of your hand

      ü  Universal Charger – save a dying phone battery in an instant

      ü  Paper Clips – bendable, versatile miracles

      ü  Spare Pens – share your ink and your information

      ü  Safety Pins – no more wardrobe malfunctions

      ü  Black Permanent Marker – conceal scuffs on shoes instantly

      ü  Super Glue – fix a broken nail, fix a broken desk drawer, etc.

      ü  Binder Clips – bind cords, paper and more

      ü  Lip Balm – soothe lips, paper cuts, scratches on your desk

      ü  Tape – all kinds of tapes; clear, packing, duct, masking

      ü  Hairspray – holds hair, removes ink stains from clothing and permanent marker from surfaces

      ü  First Aid – bandages and Ibuprofen

      ü  Hand Sanitizer – fight germs and cut down on office sick leave


      Have anything to add? Please, feel free to share! ~Moderator Mel