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    Boosting Productivity via Organization

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      Being disorganized can hold you back. It is imperative to have some sort of “system” that allows for quick document location, better time management or service call prioritization. Maybe the following tips can help to get your organized.


      • Love those Lists! Lists empower and help create the structure that allows you to follow along, checking off items as they are completed. You can add daily items to lists or long term goals. Lists provide motivation and focus.


      • Fall in Love with Your Scanner! Drowning in piles of paper? Scan those sheets and then send them to the shredder! Need to hold on to hard copies? File them away in file cabinets. Just an “FYI”, hang on to tax papers for seven years.


      • End Email Frustration! Email clutter not only slows your PC, it’s time consuming to read. Unsubscribe to emails you’re no longer interested in receiving.  Create folders to separate emails into categories. Choose a program that can combine certain emails into one email to cut down on the number of emails you receive each day.


      • Clear Your Workspace! Dispose of any distractions and clutter. A messy desk can be counterproductive. Even though the cleanup may seem overwhelming, schedule time to do it anyway. Seeing how much you’ve accomplished will relieve some stress.


      • Focus! Once you’ve gotten a clean desk, sit down and relax. Reflect on your business goals and list them in a journal. Write down personal affirmations and go over these every day. Take notes, keeping up with what has worked for your business and what hasn’t.


      Once you’re organized, it gives you time to focus on success. Taking those distractions away, getting rid of what you don’t need and filing away the things you do need offers a sense of order. You can take a deep breath and get busy. ~Moderator Mel