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    Crafting the Perfect Presentation

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      Searching for ways to have your presentation warmly received by your colleagues? Try these pointers:

      • Don’t distract with bedazzling effects. Concentrate on your message. Keep it simple and engage your audience at all times.
      • Use images wisely and sparingly. One per slide or graph is enough. Again, images should be sharp and clean. Otherwise your presentation can appear unprofessional.
      • Color is important. Choose a single color as opposed to multiple colors. Also, eye catching, contrasting colors are memorable. If you’re using your personal logo, try to incorporate your logo colors into your presentation.
      • Try to keep your text to a bare minimum. It can distract your audience. Use no more than six bullet points per slide. Avoid complete sentences unless using a quote.
      • Pick a readable type, sticking with standard fonts. Use something that’s large and easy on the eyes. Most of the sans serif fonts are a good choice.

      Showing a simple and goal oriented presentation that’s geared to the attention of your audience is always a winner. ~Moderator Mel