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    Hello everyone!

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      Hello everyone! Thank you for allowing me into this group! Working for a drug and alcohol addiction facility made me realize how hard it is for current and ex addicted individuals to cope and make it through recovery, but still remain apart of the "standard" community! After much thought on how I could help, I came up with my first business! Last month I formed Hopes of Healing, LLC, which is a Transitional/Sober Living home for women who can also bring up to two small children. Is is located in DeSoto County, MS. Many of the ladies are coming but they do not have much. Until they are able to get on their feet and find employment, I do help with most, if not all of their expenses. I want to make their transition and life just a little easier. I have also set up a Gofundme account, which goes directly to a business account and all funds collected will be used strictly for the ladies. I do provided transportation to work, school, and all HA/NA/AA(required), IOP(required) meetings. There will be activities, community service projects, and shopping trips provided. Even if I never recieve any outside assistance, I will continue to provide because I believe everyone deserves at second chance to live the life the was meant for us to have!

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          Hi hopesofhealing!  We're glad you joined us!  Love hearing about your great community service that you provide!  Be sure to use social media to your advantage and share you mission with businesses and churches in your community about the services you offer.  You will find many locally owned businesses who may be looking to support a cause such as yours.


          Our community offers a diverse number of discussions going on and we welcome you to jump in with any advice you may have, or feel free to ask questions yourself.  We also have a great selection of articles written by a wide variety of small business experts, which we hope you will find helpful.


          If you have any questions, please let us know.  We are looking forward to hearing more from you both and about your business experiences.




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            Hi hopesofhealing!


            That's a wonderful thing you're doing for your community. And I'm glad your facility allows mothers to bring their kids. It's hard to go through recovery alone. I think the fact that these women can still be an active part of their children's lives would give them to support and motivation they need to stick to sobriety even when times are tough.