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    Warning Signs Your Company Isn’t Doing Well

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      Paying attention to these situations and fine tuning them can help you keep your business in good working order:

      • Not enough new customers to provide continuous growth. It’s important to generate brand new leads that can potentially add or replace lost revenue.
      • Account receivables are unable to keep up with account payables. Financial disaster can be avoided if you adhere to a strict accounting/budgeting schedule. Doing so can give you a “heads up” before you run into a problem.
      • Staff members are incapable of performing important tasks. Make sure that your employee’s skills are up to date with regular training sessions.
      • Core customers are leaving to patron other businesses. Maintain constant contact with your customer base. Reach out to them using surveys and other questionnaires to find out what changes would ensure their return business.
      • Distractions that draw you away from core company values. Be wary of attempting too many opportunities. Stick to what you know. It’s OK to pass up something that may draw your attention away from something that is making you money.

      I’d love to know your thoughts and how you safeguard your business. ~Moderator Mel