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    How do you compete with rival companies?

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      We all know the deal. In order to make a profit, you have to be able to offer a product or service that out shines your competitors. Can you keep up or even surpass the others without going broke? These tips may be able to help:


      Offer a product or service that your customer can’t get anywhere else. Make sure that your wares are made better and have that personal touch. Don’t skip on packaging! An eye catching display can win big bucks for you.


      Aim to please with a better customer service. Create a functioning web page that’s easy to navigate. Sell your stuff internationally! Offer free shipping and faster deliveries. Hire quality employees and issue uniforms.


      Design an inviting store front and offer a personalized shopping experience. Need a hand getting started? Try a business plan. I look forward to hearing your comments. ~Moderator Mel