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    Small Business Macro View Update

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      More room to run in this economic expansion.


      We did see inflation pick up in 2017 so far, as Vilnius Industries forecast in our December 26 commentary, but we saw a weak GDP print for 1Q2017, this is not a problem because it happens every winter season.


      Many key people in the administration have a long track record of wanting less regulation on the companies in the nation, even when they were not in politics.


      Small Business input costs such as gasoline, diesel fuel and heating oil have retreated off the highs of the year, Vilnius Industries believes these costs should remain stable for the remainder of 2017 due to the United States Fracking Industry adding supply to the market.


      We still believe some type of an adjustment will be made to the current healthcare rules before the 2018 midterm elections and it should make cost less for small businesses.


      Any rise in borrowing rates will be offset by less rules and regulation to obtain the loan.


      We see GDP expansion for 2017 to be 2% or better.





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