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    Advancing Your Business Through Networking

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      It’s essential to network with other businesses and potential customers. Whatever the interaction, be it at an industry event or a letter via simple email, that contact is vital to increasing your business wealth. Here are a few tips that can help you better your networking skills:


      • Get in touch via Social Media. Whatever platform you prefer, be present as often as possible. Use this opportunity to engage your network. Choose your audience, reply to their messages often to get their attention. Create videos that showcase your industry. Invite influencers to participate.
      • Follow up! Make contact with potential customers quickly. Invite them to share their thoughts through warm conversation.
      • Be prepared when attending events. Know your industry and articulate that in casual conversations. Research speakers and make a list of people that you’d like to get to know.
      • Step out of your comfort zone. If you’re intimidated by public speaking, practice. Reach out to the people on your list and be yourself while engaging them.
      • Ask yourself where your business fits into the industry. This will help you determine who you should be reaching out to. Read newsletters and email alerts to stay on top of the latest information. This should give you an idea of what to discuss at events.


      I’m eager to know what you think of these tips. ~Moderator Mel