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    Good morning,

    bigsho Newbie

      Hi my is Terrell,

      Working on opening my own salvage yard. Work at a salvage yard for 8 years. Was a manager there and carbuy coordinator. Want to know once I get the store opening. Should I sell used parts global.

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          moderator_lee Navigator

          Hi Terrell,


          Very nice to meet you. Great to hear that you have decided to take the next steps in your field by creating your own business. Your past 8 years of experience will certainly serve you well.


          As to your question, maybe those with insight in this particular area may be able to offer input with more details about the process which has led you to where you stand right now.


          We look forward to having you in our community.




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            gcarter85 Newbie

            Hi Terrell. It can be difficult to come out of the workforce and become an entrepreneur/business owner. However, if you can withstand the start-up costs, long hours, and disappointments that starting a business entails it can be very rewarding. 


            There are other options, as well. Have you ever considered buying an existing salvage yard? It's a lot less riskier and may save you money in the end. Buying a business that is already in operation has the benefits of current customers, marketing, and proven business model in place. That way you're making a return on the money you put up the day or days after you buy it, versus months, or even years after from dealing with a start-up.