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    Want to lease bakery space but feeling a bit overwhelmed...

    sweetalore Newbie


      I've been wanting to lease space to operate and run my cake business and have made a big small step towards doing so.  There is a storefront in my area that is available and looks to be a perfect location to set up my cake studio so I inquired about the space and made an appointment to view it with the landlord!  I have no idea what is all involved in leasing commercial real estate and did quite a bit of research on the different types of leases offered etc. and I'm feeling a bit discouraged and overwhelmed! I feel like I have things ready to go as far as business plan, license, clients, marketing etc. but when it comes to actually leasing a space I'm in a whole new world! I just want a space I can make and sell my cakes out of! What should I do? Do I need a lawyer? Should I not negotiate lease terms on my own if I happen to like the space?  What about financing, when and where do I go for financing (bank, credit union)? My credit score is excellent but will I have issues securing a loan because I'm a sole proprietor and this is all new for me?? I'm in NYC and need a little help and direction.  Thank you.