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    Commercial Cleaning Service

    getcommercial Wayfarer

      I have a quick question and need some suggestion from someone who is in commercial cleaning business fro long time. We had started our business and we are focusing on Office Cleaning only no residential cleaning and we do have a couple of accounts already but would like to move the business further. We do have web-page and had ben doing Google as well as we are registered in a lot of Online marketing. We need suggestion for getting more new accounts - what is the best: 1) Post Card Mailing 2) Personal Visits to the Client 3) Cold Phone Calls 4) More Online Marketing?????? CAN SOMONE PLEASE HELP TO GROW OUR BUSINESS and suggest what is the best to grow further? THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP please no advertisement and marketing companies answers because that will not be to much help THANKS ET

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          thevideoguy Adventurer

          Hi getcommercial,


          Congrats on your business and goals to grow it.


          Can we see your website?  That might help us to get a better idea of your current marketing so you can build upon it.


          - Video guy

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              getcommercial Wayfarer

              Sure you can:


              Thank You


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                  thevideoguy Adventurer

                  Hi ET,


                  These days, when people are looking for cleaning services in their area, they run a quick Google search. You want your site to be one of the top results, and when that prospective customer clicks on your listing, you want your website to make a good impression.


                  I think you came here for some constructive honesty.  I've got to tell you that your website could use a little sprucing up.  Here are some things I noticed:


                  • On your home page, you have a large image in the middle of the page with people standing around a conference table.  This image takes up a lot of prime space on the home page and doesn't really tell us anything about your service. I would consider deleting it, or swapping it our for something much smaller.
                  • Your website is very generic.  It doesn't really tell us about who your company is.  "Quality Cleaning, Professional Staff, Affordable Rates" - any cleaning company can say that.  What makes your company different?
                  • You are a family-owned company, so where are the pictures of the family?  Of your cleaning staff?
                  • Honestly, your Wix website may not be doing your business justice.  In this case, you might be getting what you pay for.  You can purchase a professional commercial cleaning website template for less than $60.  Of course, you'd have to pay someone to set it up and customize it for you.  Probably worth the investment, though.  There are probably other website template services out there as well.
                  • I wouldn't use Yahoo as your company email address.  It doesn't look professional.  Instead use something like

                  Also, I noticed there is a typo in your promotion.  It should say "with signed contract".


                  One other thing I discovered is that on your HomeAdvisor report you list $0 in General Liability and $0 in Bonding.  I'm sure you have more than that.    You should update it to promote a higher level of trust for prospective clients.


                  Hope the above helps,


                  Video Guy

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                Moderator Rebecca Guide

                Welcome to our community, getcommercial! 


                We have a great community here that we hope you will enjoy being a member.


                Here's a great expert article that you'll find helpful -Six Tips to Gain New Customers.  If you browse our expert articles, you'll find some great advice. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have, and browse discussion areas for additional tips and advice.


                We're glad you've decided to join us and look forward to hearing more about you and your business!




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                  Moderator Cath Guide

                  What about referrals?  Give the person who is referring a % off if the person they referred uses your services.  And give the new person a one time discount for trying your services.