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    Are press releases still effective for SEO ?

    xivomodo Newbie

      A lot of people miss the point when it comes to press releases and the SEO impact.

      What do you think about it?

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          moderator_mel Tracker

          The Pros and Cons of Press Releases

          After a bit of research, I found this information that piqued my interest:



          ·         Immediate attention and referral traffic from your readers. Press releases allow your customer to get to know you.

          ·         Business reputation management. Controlling the information in your press release will give you some control over your company’s reputation.

          ·         Keyword linking. Creating a comprehensive list of keywords that pertain to your release will increase the chance of a customer finding your business online.

          ·         Creating quality inbound links. Producing great content that you can share virally without incurring a search engine penalty is difficult. Content entered correctly can put you in touch with hundreds of news sources.

          ·         Gaining the attention of an authoritative source. Reputable sources that have been around for a while draw the attention of a larger, more serious group of potential customers.


          Draw Backs

          ·         Expensive campaigns. For small business owners trying to get published, the investment may not be cost effective.

          ·         Negative impact. Press releases may not have the desired effect and could end up costing more than money.

          ·         Quality authoritative sources are harder to impress and choosing to settle for a lesser outlet may not bring you the enough customer interest.


          So in essence, I believe that well written press releases are still vital to achieve the desired traffic. Even with the up-front costs, landing a publication with a quality source can propel your business forward and do so in a favorable light. ~Moderator Mel

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            vahisaqu Newbie

            It was a few days when google launched a separate update to prevent Press Release uses.

            PR distribution is effective but not that kind you may need. It is mostly effective for netwroking and brand building in my thought

            If your site is new site, you can build backlinks from social network, web 2.0, after that you can use PR to make an additonal 20-30% traffic