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    Brand New

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      The world of small business is always searching for that next new idea. Determining your next venture could be as easy as a three step plan! Start with demographics and choose an area. From there move on to investment. How much of a budget do you have? Pick an industry. Set the hook by showcasing your skills. What are your thoughts? ~Moderator Mel

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          Put Your Professional Foot Forward By Polishing Your Brand


          ·         Write an autobiography

          o   Include eye catching tag lines

          o   Throw in relatable stories

          o   Give examples of ambition, dedication and creativity

          ·         Design a logo for your promotional items

          o   Choose imagery that reflects your aesthetic

          o   Amp up your portfolio

          o   Be attentive to detail

          ·         Build a website

          o   Set up a digital store front and link to social media platforms

          o   Streamline navigation and convey clear communication

          o   Maintain a professional presence at all times

          ·         Mandatory Networking

          o   Connect with similar businesses and build lasting relationships

          o   Interact with the local small business community

          o   Promote B2B transactions


          Do you have anything to add? ~Moderator Mel