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    No pink tax!

    reillystarr Newbie

      Hi BoA Small Business Community!


      I recently opened a dry cleaners in New York City that doesn't overcharge women for dry cleaning and laundry services, often referred to as a pink tax. I am looking for marketing ideas to offer my door-to-door delivery services, like other small businesses and consumers that are based on Manhattan.





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          Moderator Cath Guide

          I'm sure you have checked around the other businesses to see what they are doing to market their business?  Have you thought about having a special day of the week when customers can get a percentage off?  Door to door delivery would seem to me to be something to lift up and talk about, too.


          Reaching out to our community: What other marketing ideas do you have to share?



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            moderator_lisa Ranger

            Hello! This seems like a great idea for a business in an area that's almost designed for success, especially if you're offering drop-off services. I think checking around with other businesses that offer delivery service is a great place to start. Maybe you could work to co-promote other local businesses, either through print media or internet marketing? For example, you might work to build a promotional flyer with a local deli, pizza, or other take-out/delivery that could be attached to both of your products, for increased visibility.  Your local chapter of the Small Business Administration may also have ideas and opportunities for networking in your community.


            I hope some of our other members will reach out with suggestions, too. Good luck!



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              thevideoguy Adventurer

              Hi reillystarr,


              Your "no pink tax" is a really important differentiator for your business.  Are you touting this on your website?  How is your website, by the way?  Also make sure you are sharing your "no pink tax" philosophy on your Facebook page, Twitter, or other social media that you use?


              One other thought- you should reach out to your local newspaper and TV stations to do a story on you.  They are always looking for interesting stories, and the "pink tax" would probably interest them.  Especially the female reporters.     It’ll be a breath of fresh air from the crime and economic troubles that often fill the news, and it will be awesome free advertising for you.


              Good luck,


              -The Video Guy

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                  Moderator Rebecca Guide

                  Great advice, the videoguy!  The power of social media and the local news media to promote interest and discussion is immeasurable for a small business.  Best of all, as you said, it's FREE! 


                  Reaching out to the local media with an announcement might very well result in a newspaper feature, or a short spot on the local news.  reillystarr , you might want to consider creating a professional "Press Release" with a summary of your business ideology, contact information on it and social media links. I'd suggest sending a "snail mail" copy and then following up later on social media.  Relying on social media alone may end up in a mute or spam folder, but at least with snail mail, you'll know someone opened it.


                  Thanks again for the great idea, thevideoguy.  I hope we hear back from reillystarr soon, to see how things are going!