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    8 Best Grammar And Proofreading Tools For Online Content Marketers

    Mary Walton Newbie

      If you run a business, you're asked to wear a lot of hats. One of them could well be labelled 'copywriter'. Your copy is vital to helping spread the word of your business, so it needs to be good. Don't crumble under the pressure. Instead, try these eight best grammar and proofreading tools. You'll find they make the job of proofreading much easier.


      1. Academized: If you're going to start writing for your company, you're going to need to know your grammar? Does that sound intimidating? Don't worry about it. This guide will help you navigate the rules of English grammar with ease. Keep it bookmarked and you'll never go far wrong.

      2. Word Counter: It's hard to spot your own mistakes, as you're too close to your own work. Your eye just slides right over them. That's why this tool is so helpful. Paste your writing in, and it will highlight the errors for you. it makes them much easier to correct. The site also gives you an accurate word count, too.

      3. UK Writings: Does the job of proofreading your own work sound too difficult to you? No problem. This online service will do the job for you. Just send your blogs and social media posts to them, and they will make sure any errors are spotted and removed before you hit 'publish'. It's great for taking the guesswork out of proofreading.

      4. AustralianHelp: Want to brush up on your grammar? This is the guide you need to read. It's easy to understand, gives you all the facts, and will help clear up any misconceptions along the way. It's the best guide to help you really learn your stuff when it comes to grammar.

      5. Essayroo: No one should edit on their own. It's a two person job, minimum. That's why this editing assistance service is so great. You can send your writing to them, and they can suggest changes that will improve the quality of your posts. They only hire experts, so you know that they know their stuff.

      6. Cite It In: You may not realise this now, but if you use a source in your writing, you need to be able to credit it properly. If you don't, you run the risk of being accused of plagiarism. To avoid this, use this tool to get the correct citation, every time. Just give it the source, and it will give you the citation that you can paste right into your work.

      7. Boom Essays: If you're not certain about your grammar, use this tool to get you the help you need. You can talk to the expert writers that staff this service and get their advice when you're unsure. They're all well trained in their craft, so you know you'll get the right advice from them. You can even liaise with them as you work through a whole article together, if that's what you need.

      8. Slick Write: This tool is great for anyone on a budget, as it's totally free. You can write directly into it, and get instant feedback on your writing. You can even access graphs and other items that give you more detailed feedback, to suit your style.


      As you can see, there's plenty of tools out there that can help you get your writing looking as polished and publishable as any copywriter's. All you need is some ambition and a little know how. Try these tools for yourself, and you'll see just what you're capable of now.