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    Starting a Bubble Tea Business

    do.nhi07 Newbie

      I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I'm looking to start my own Bubble Tea Shop. We only have one boba shop here in town. The shop is very undecorative, have very few options on the menu, and its location is not a high foot traffic place. Yet, it has been around for a year now. So I want to start my own shop. I'm still a full time student so I would need to hire staffs in my place. Since my age is pretty close to my targeted market, I think have a general idea of the market's wants and how to market my business to reach them. However, I'm not quite sure if I'll produce enough profit for labor and the general expenses of each month as well as where to acquire a start up fee.

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          Moderator BethM Navigator

          Good Morning do.nhi07,


          Welcome to the community!


          There are a few other discussions regarding bubble tea with some great advice given you can check out that may pertain to the questions you have here.


          When you get a moment, head over to Introduce Yourself and tell us a little more about yourself and your plans. What is your business background? Would this be your first venture? What made you think of bubble tea when you were looking into starting a new business?


          We look forward to hearing more from you,