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    Contact Page

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Do you have a page that says “Contact” or “Get in Touch” or “Talk to me??”

      You’re already ahead of the game.


      Do you have a form for people to complete??

      For some reason, many people seem to like filling out a form in preference to clicking on an email address.

      Also, the form helps you collect information that you might not get otherwise.


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          moderator_lee Navigator

          Stellar tip, LUCKIEST. Many people do indeed prefer a form, and might be more likely to contact a business if they see this. Every step someone must take to do something optional gives them another chance to change their mind and abandon it, and having the blank text area right there instantly removes many steps.


          It's also important to know that not everyone is most comfortable with the same type of contact. These days you might find as many who prefer email/forms as telephone. And still others, depending on the type of business and information, may even prefer mail or fax. Providing as many venues for contact as possible gives you the highest likelihood of hearing from prospective clients and being able to tell them about what you can offer them.


          If you have a brick and mortar presence, definitely give clear and concise instructions for finding the establishment as well. How many times have we looked for a service and passed up any options our search engine brought up that did not give clear and easy directions to the business? A good rule of thumb, as with service in general, is to try to provide the quality you'd like to experience yourself if you were on the other side.