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    Building A Website

    LUCKIEST Guide

      What's your first step when you get ready to build a website? Yep ... you ask around for a web designer.

      In the past, building a website called for complicated tech skills. Graphics software was costly and required training to master.

      Your content could be straightforward, informational and ... boring.

      Today's websites start with a review of the business message and goals, leading to a content strategy.

      Beginning this way will make your web development go more smoothly and lead to a more productive, profitable website.

      Good luck, LUCKIEST

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          moderator_mel Tracker

          If you decide to try your hand at building your own small business website, here are a few pointers:


          Choose a domain name that invites customers to click on and view your content. Pick something that’s memorable and easy to spell. Avoid using incredibly long names with hyphens, complicated alphanumeric combinations, etc. Plan your site layout design before you start building. Add target keywords so that potential customers can find your page when performing a search. Proofread your site before publishing it to make sure that there are no spelling or punctuation errors. Create pages that showcase your business with eye catching captions, pictures and content.


          Make sure your site is easy to traverse with handy buttons, menu bars and defined links. Pick a font that is easy to read. Cater to your audience by creating factual and useful content. Remember that large pictures take longer to load so try compressing these images. Avoid using copyrighted material and refrain from plagiarism. Keep in mind that the World Wide Web is volatile and constantly changes so update your content often and take advantage of new techniques, as they come along, to enhance your page. ~Moderator Mel

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              NorthStar Wayfarer

              The name should be something (if possible) that has a "keyword" in it that people are looking for. Meaning something they would type into the search engine to find the product or service you offer.


              Keep each page on your website connected to a single idea or keyword. Then you can build text based clickable links to other pages on your website that have related topics.


              Use Wordpress. It easier to make updates (if the site is built correctly in the first place), is industry standard, and allows you to blog.  Wordpress also has a HUGE amount of different plugins that can add different types of features to your website.


              Make sure that when you are adding new images / graphics to your website, that 1) The image name is descriptive of what it is, 2) That you fill in the "ALT" tag information to describe what the image is. Doing these two will allow the search engines to understand what the image is and can add a bit more authority to your website.


              With the images, size matters.... I am NOT talking about dimensions, but how many Ks they are in "weight".  You want / need your website to load fast.  If you have a lot of heavy images on a single page and the page loads slow, people will leave your site before it is done loading.


              Today, it is all about marketing. You need to "Attract - Capture - Convert". Old school website design makes your site look OK... While a good looking site is nice, you need to make sure that for new prospects, people can find the information they are looking for as quick as possible, then you want a strong call to action to get them to do something, anything, before they leave.... If they come, read, and leave and do nothing, they in most cases they never come back.


              What's you plan to get them to take they desired action you want them to do (purchase something, fill in their contact details, call you)?

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              orbital config Tracker

              I agree, I have found building them is keeping the information relivent. A lot of times they want to talk about what they can do and it should be really answering all their questions. I believe they should feel pretty good about using your service or products when they contact you.

              A about me page is the place tell your story and your passion for your service not really "I did this before" type things. They hope you have experienced there issue for you to solve.

              I put them together by telling them there options on how to solve it not in technical terms. (There legal rights, the latest tools, etc.and why it's benificial to them)

              Also a site should be within 2 clicks to get there answer. The gliding menues are nice as they scroll so there not having to go all the way to the top to get to another page.

              Pending on the company make it clean, easy to navigate, sounds and clutter turns me off. (Its like what do I click next)

              I feel people want there answers quick and this seems to bring them back to referance if there are questions in the future.

              Content marketing (blog type) for great info for them is good but answer questions in it this is not a place for a story.


              Pictures and videos go a long way, but most relevant ones, link to youtube if you want to share all your experiences. If its relivent some busnesses its perfectly fine but others keep it to the point and solve there problem.


              That's my feelings

              Let me know

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                moderator_mel Tracker

                These are great suggestions, thanks for replying!


                Getting to pertinent information should be easy. Navigation should use as few “clicks” as possible. I love the “attract, capture & convert” idea. What a great concept in marketing. Compressing images for quicker loading is necessary. I can’t count the number of times I’ve left web pages for that very reason. Inviting your customers to get to know you with an “About Me” page puts a personal spin on web page experiences. I enjoy making those connections when checking out someone’s page. Another good idea is linking your site to several different social media platforms. Offering a variety of these platforms gives the customer a chance to view your content in their favorite arenas. Thanks again for your replies. ~Moderator Mel

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                  vvalspring Newbie

                  There's no need to hire a web designer these days, as you can do everything yourself. Website builders like WordPress, for example, are easy to handle and offer stylish designs. In case anyone's interested, here's an interesting article on this matter

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                    rajamaric Newbie

                    The three main points you need to worry about when creating a website are:

                    • Domain name
                    • Website hosting
                    • Website design


                    I recommend you to use a website builder since it is the perfect solution for individuals or small businesses with low budgets. The best thing about it is that most of the time it requires no coding knowledge. Additionally it gives you already made templates that you can choose and customize according to your needs. Hosting is already provided, so this is one thing less to worry about. Also, usually templates always have a modern and stylish design, so you don't have to think about that either.


                    This is my honest recommendation, I for example started using ucraft website builder a few months ago and I'm super happy with it.