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    Trending Banking Technology

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      Bill Payment Apps: Companies that bill or invoice with a hard copy can receive payment digitally. A snap shot of the billing information can be forwarded to the bank account of the individual. Once this data is collected the account can make payment. Future payments can be scheduled as well.


      Smartphone Scanners: Complete POS purchases quicker. Simply slide your credit card through the reader that is plugged into the phone of the seller and it processes the payment. This trending method is great for small vendors who desire to sell their wares to a wider market.


      Digital Deposit: Snap a pic of the front and back of the paper check and then use your banks app to deposit monies into your account.


      Electronic Meetings: Use video conferences to meet with bank tellers or loan officers. Whether it be opening an account or applying for a loan, this app is a time saver for busy customers as some meetings can be conducted at the ATM machine.


      Pay Bills With Your Phone: Shoppers can select a credit/debit card from the menu on their phone screen to complete transactions.


      ~Moderator Mel