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    Professional Appearances - Uniforms and Dress Codes

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      A simple set of rules for appearance or a clean and professional uniform can make all the difference in how we or an employee creates a first impression on a client. It might not be our preference as humans to focus on looks or make judgments based on them, but unfortunately we even do automatically on many levels, so it's something we need to consider and to be prepared for as business owners dealing with others.


      Does your company have a dress code or a uniform? Who put it together -- if not you yourself -- and what does it consist of?


      What part of a dress code do you consider vital? Any tips for those who are considering implementing one?


      Let us know if you have any questions about this topic as well and we'll be happy to see what input we can give you.




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          moderator_lisa Ranger

          I like uniforms for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it presents a professional and reliable appearance if all employees who represent your company wear the same attire.


          Second, it's a source of regular advertising. Your employees go out to lunch, do their banking, pick up their children at school or daycare, and generally mingle with the public in many ways. People will remember the image uniforms project when they find themselves in need of the services your company provides. 


          Lastly, providing the clothing as well as the maintenance (cleaning, tailoring, etc.) to keep it in good condition also takes a lot of stress off of employees as well as the business owner. Maintaining a professional wardrobe is expensive! If employees know they won't have to spend their own hard-earned money to keep up the appearance the company owner demands, they're more likely to see the uniforms as a gift rather than a curse. First impressions matter, and if your employees represent your company in a way that represents your overall vision (and business plan!), your clients and customers will trust your company to perform as advertised.