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    Making the most of the new year

    moderator_lisa Ranger

      As the new year begins, and as you reflect on the challenges and rewards faced in 2016, do you set new goals for yourself and your business? Maybe you've explored all there is to do in Twitter and you're ready to take your social media to another venue, or maybe it's time to upgrade computer hardware and software or change your phone plan. Or perhaps it's time to revisit the business plan to be sure it's still valid and relevant, check through your contacts list and make sure all entries are current, or just catch up on the filing to start fresh. How do you mark the new year?


      Your experience could help change someone's life, so please share.

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          moderator_lee Navigator

          This is a great post. For me, and I think many business owners, there is usually the matter of inventory of the year that has just ended.


          Being in a creative industry especially, going through the year's inventory, looking at overall sales, finding out what people ultimately liked the most and didn't like so much, can all be very inspiring in the way of deciding on new products. I always wondered how common this is in fields that rely less on creative visuals.


          I hope we get some more responses on this thread, I'm very interested to hear more input.