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    Business Resolutions

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      Are there any improvements or other changes you've been meaning to implement, or even just feel you should, but keep putting off? You might consider making those your resolutions for your business in the new year. This popular tradition could be all the motivation you need to give those back burner ideas some attention and bring them to the forefront.



      Make yourself a list of those ideas with columns for "pros" and "cons" to try and determine which you feel may really be worth it. Then it is just a matter of sticking to it. If it is something that can be done in small steps, you may find this less overwhelming -- after all, there must have been a reason you've put off a good idea, and maybe fear of it being too much for you all at once was what it was. Plus, you've got all year to do it.



      Does anyone have any business resolutions already, or some you've had in the past, to share with us?