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    The Business Plan

    LUCKIEST Guide

      A lot of marketing workshops will hand out a calendar and tell you to fill it up


      Generally I've found that 3 months is the ideal planning window for most solo-proprietors.

      Beyond that time frame, it's hard to project changes that will take place in the marketplace and in you.

      You have to feel connected to your business plan. It has to feel like you.

      Great way to start the new year. Good luck


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          moderator_lee Navigator

          Hi LUCKIEST,


          A three month time frame does sound reasonable. Have you found that this changes over time as one learns the market better and becomes better at anticipating it? Or that three months is pretty much a usual limit aside from occasional exceptions?


          I think being uncertain of what to expect in this context is one of the things that small business owners fear most -- I know I do. It may even be a main reason many good ideas never progress to become businesses. The need to avoid failure leads us to not make an attempt. But the more you plan -- such as with your business plan calendar method -- and the more you experience and learn, the greater the chances of success become.


          Thanks for posting,