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    Establishing Credibility with Customers

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      Here are a few ways you can build credibility with your customers:

      ·         Be yourself – Introduce yourself and your business. Let your potential customer know exactly how you can help them. Keep it simple and don’t complicate things with technical terminologies. Promote your brand, impressing and inspiring confidence in your customer with your knowledge about your respective field.

      ·         Listen to your clients – Disarm irate customers with a sympathetic tone.

      ·         Find a satisfactory solution and address your customers concerns immediately – Make repairs or offer refunds as necessary.

      ·         Build a web page – Grab your customer’s attention with a trendy site that’s informative and easy to navigate.

      ·         Reach out to your customers – Invite them to read your blog. Maintain an engaging presence on social media. Offer webinars that showcase your products and skills.

      ·         Ask your patrons to write testimonials and reviews- Let them share their opinions about your business so that new customers can get an idea of what to expect.

      ·         Be as well versed in your field as possible – Become licensed or certified. Register your business. Do everything you can to verify that your company is legitimate.

      In an automated world, the power of the human touch has the ability to make or break lasting business relationships. Building a structured and solid customer base requires customer relations based on trust. ~Moderator Mel