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    California Trade Network: seek partners, advisors, investors

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      I just posted this on the Merger network and a few other places and I thought I would try here. I'm also currently in discussions with a few big banks about possibly using this network to help market some of their international services- things like currency exchange. If anyone reading this has connections with Bank of America (or any of its investment or venture associates) I would be delighted to talk with you also. Bank of America has such a rich history in California this it is possible that this project might interest them. I did make some good contacts there at one time but the people I was working with were transfered so it never went anyplace. Please also feel free to visit the portal at If you are interested, send me a note and I will also send you a link to our beta site where we are testing some more advanced technology.

      Thank you


      International Trade Web 2.0 Venture: The California Trade Network

      California Trade Network is the first and only trade network developed
      exclusively for California that has an open registration system. In a
      nutshell, the service can be
      described as a business/social network with an integrated trade
      opportunity matching service. We are working to become "the
      definitive system" for international business in California, and are
      well on our way to accomplishing this objectives. Among the many
      services that are now operational, or in the works:

      *Communication &
      Collaboration Portal:* A business/social network that is already a
      "who's who" of international business professionals in California. It provides a free international business profile
      and allows for free communication among and between members by private
      messaging, instant messaging, guestbook entries, bulletin boards and even Internet
      telephony through SkypeTM. While
      this service continues to grow, we are in the process of replacing our
      service with a more modern technology that will have better member
      forums and even more effective collaboration tools.

      California International Business Directory.
      A business directory of California export firms and other organizations
      involved in international business. This is a highly "search engine
      optimized" directory that is getting excellent search engine placement,
      and is generating interest and Internet traffic from people looking
      for information on California products and services.

      California Trade Opportunity Program.
      This is a service designed to drive international business
      opportunities directly to the California firms most capable of securing
      this business. The program consists of our international trade
      sourcing services, software that provides sophisticated trade opportunity matching, and
      bi-monthly video conferencing to discuss these international
      opportunities. Since we believe this program could develop
      considerable business and possible even have an impact on economic
      development, we are seeking funding to help us improve our systems and

      This network has been built by a small business that has recently incorporated under the name, "California Trade Corporation". This venture has never been properly
      funded but it is extremely well positioned in what is obviously a major market. Since the site focuses on American exports, the dropping dollar and some political considerations have generated growing attention to this initiative.

      are now
      looking for qualified organizations or associates - as business,
      technical or investment partners - who have expertise, or a strong
      interest, in international business and trade. Once the service is
      successfully engaged in California, it is our intention to build on the
      same concepts for other States and countries, and to build a more
      global trading platform. Please visit the California Trade Network
      and feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas.