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    Repeat Business

    LUCKIEST Guide

      What kind of repeat business are you getting??

      Should you focus on social media instead of relationship marketing??

      The standard online lead generation works extremely well for some types of business and will a waste of time for others.            Some markets will buy just once,. drawn by their immediate emotional response to an offer. Then they’ll go away, searching for something new.


      A review of strategy will be the first step when you pivot your business.

      When you change direction even slightly, the old systems may not work.

      Always update your Business Plan.


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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Good question, Luckiest.  A business owner spends a lot of thought (and money) to reach out to the public to try to draw in new business.  Finally that new business walks in our door (real or virtually) and looks around to see what there is to offer him/her and their business.  Then they leave - maybe having purchased, maybe not.


          Now what?  What have we done to provide an incentive to return?  How have we been, competitively?  What sort of impression did we present?  Will they return?  And why?


          Good prices will bring them back.  But, even more important in my opinion, is the customer service we present.  How do we stack up in that area? Take time to find out how you and your business are presenting themselves.  A happy customer is very likely to be a return customer.