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    Starting your Business

    LUCKIEST Guide

      When you’re starting out, or when you pivot your business, you probably know it's critical to choose a profitable niche.

      You should be asking, “Does this market want someone like me??” and,

      “Will I be unique so clients insist on working with me??” and, “Can I stand out from the crowd in a meaningful way??”

      The truth is, when you have a market that meets the “ability and willingness to buy”  — and you are uniquely fit to serve that market,

      you’ve got a “knock it out of the park” combination.

      Two examples:

      A marketing coach (male or female) who targets women has a style of being warm, friendly and approachable.

      Women in this market often feel overwhelmed and intimidated by their mentors; you makes them feel comfortable. Be totally genuine: nobody else can copy this.

      A CPA who targets small business owners combines an aggressive tax preparation style with warm, friendly communications.


      You want to be known as a CPA who actually listens. The CPA there for informal questions and at times can be a business consultant and advocate.


      Good luck, LUCKIEST