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    registered agent

    nour Newbie

      what is the registered agent ? can I register my new business with out them ? if no how much will cost me ? where can I found them ?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome to the Community.

          Tell us more about yourself and your business.

          A registered agent is designated to receive service of process in the event of a lawsuit,

          as well as other important documents on behalf of a business.

          In most states, a registered agent must be named in the document forming a corporation.

          My understanding is that a registered agent can be different in every state

          and we do NOT know what state you are in or if your business is a Corporation.

          Best suggestion. Talk to YOUR accountant and YOUR lawyer.

          Good Luck,   LUCKIEST

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            beth@ready2inc Wayfarer

            As Luckiest mentioned a Registered Agent is required in any State where your business is formed to accept  any legal service of process.  This must be a physical address, a P.O. Box will not be sufficient.  If you have a physical address in the State where you want to form your Corporation or LLC you can act as the Registered Agent for your company. 


            There are many service companies that provide this service for a fee (usually between $50 and $250 per year depending on the company and the State where you need the Registered Agent)  There are some advantages to hiring a service company to provide you with a Registered Agent, for example,


            1. If your business requires that you be on the road and not at your physical location and you do not have anyone at that location most of the time, a service company can be sure to accept any service of process on your behalf so that you do not miss any deadlines if there are any lawsuits against your business.

            2. If you have employees, you may not want a process server to come to your place of business.

            3. A service company can assist you in filing a corporation or LLC and is familiar with the State requirements.

            4. A service company will remind you of any annual reports or corporate taxes due to the State and in many instances can file the annual report for you for a small fee.


            I hope this has answered your questions.  Best of luck.