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    Pivot or Moving in a New Direction

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Last week brought forth a lot of strong emotion and I live in a city that was strongly affected.

      In the aftermath, I'm happy to see that a lot of talk has turned to constructive planning:

      What can we do to make a difference in the future, regardless of political views. I'm doing some new volunteer activities.

      A lot of solo business owners are doing what’s now called a business pivot - moving in a new direction.

      There are many excellent reasons for this trend. Your market shifts and you need to reach different clients.

      Or you business changes in some way and need to work in different ways.

      When you pivot your business, start  thinking of branding, graphics or design.

      Often your first sign of change will be the stories you tell.

      You want to use stories as a way to plan and implement your new strategy?