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    Give Your Career A Boost

    LUCKIEST Guide

      The election process has been exhausting - no matter which side you were on -and the holidays will soon be upon us.

      Do you know the best career coach for your career and business decisions??

      It is not someone you hire. It’s your own intuition.

      The problem is that intuition speaks in code. So you have to figure out how to decipher the code.

      Even worse, intuition tends to grow silent when you need it most.

      Happy (almost) holidays.  LUCKIEST

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          moderator_mel Tracker

          Thanks for sharing your career boosting advice, Luckiest! Here are a few more pointers that may get you noticed at work:


          ·         Speak up for yourself! Don’t let your boss make assumptions about you that are not true. If you want to be on a certain project or have your eye on a promotion, make an extra effort to shine.

          ·         Take pride in your appearance. Be someone who is neatly groomed and well dressed. Relay confidence with your posture and inspire trust with honesty.

          ·         Accept critique gracefully. Avoid being combatant and offer your sincere thanks for redirection.

          ·         Get educated. Take a course that strengthens your work skills.

          ·         Attitude is everything! Do your best to be positive in all situations. Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

          ·         Think outside the box. I agree, it’s an overused term, but bringing a fresh perspective may spark an idea that can save your company money or further your career.

          ·         Be punctual. Meet your deadlines and show up to work on time.

          ·         Don’t concern yourself with the habits of other co-workers. Focus on yourself and be the best you that you can be.


          There are a million and one ways to progress in your professional time line. It takes work, but hey, it is after all, a job. ~Moderator Mel