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      I am the owner of Lush Cleaning  which is an all green company using only pure green products to clean peoples homes. We specialize in European style cleaning leaving your home sparkling. Our flexible on call cleaning and easy booking helps your get your cleaning scheduled with less then 24 hour notice. However we are having issues getting new clients. Keeping our regulars is not the issue all of our clients request our services on a weekly basis. However I don't know how to go about getting NEW clients. If anyone has any insite, information or recommendations would love to hear it!



      Anastasiya Pryymak

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          moderator_lee Navigator

          Welcome to our community, Anastasiya, it's nice to meet you.


          Your company sounds like a great idea, congrats on the launch. Finding clientele can be one of the biggest challenges for a new company. In the service industries, word-of-mouth tends to be very valuable since the quality of the product can vary greatly. Of course you need some initial customers for that to happen.


          Have you considered utilizing local resources like community bulletin boards in your town? You might offer a small discount for first-time customers, as an incentive to give your company a try.


          Other helpful places to look would be Yelp, if you can get some of your first customers to rate your business and give reviews about how they find your service. Groupon can get unknown local businesses instant attention if you are willing to offer a deal there.


          We've got quite a number of experienced business owners, in your field as well, who may be able to chime in with more ideas.


          Best wishes, and do keep us updated.




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            Thank you for the advice, I never knew there were neighborhood dashboards. I'll look around! What about newspapers or handing out flyers are they effective?

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              Moderator Cath Guide

              My guess is that after you locate new clients, you have a plan in place to make them regulars?  So that being the case, I would suggest you consider some first-timers coupons for your services.  Let them see the quality of your work and then offer them a charge at a slight discount if they sign up and pay for a year's service from you..


              You could also offer any of your regular customers who refer you to a friend (and the friend contacts you and uses your services at least once) - the regular customer gets a free, one-time cleaning service or a discount on a one-time service.


              You have many perks that other services don't offer:

              - pure green cleaning products

              - flexible on call cleaning and easy booking

              - European style cleaning

              Shout about these services that are not offered at all cleaning services!


              Word will spread with the quality of your services and regulars will be happy to pass your name on to friends.