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    Daylight Savings Time Ends 11/6

    Moderator Rebecca Guide

      For most people in the United States, Daylight Savings Time will end at 2AM on Sunday and clocks will need to be moved back by one hour.  While many enjoy the extra hour of sleep, there are a few things to consider for Small Business Owners.  


      Most electronic devices automatically will adjust for the time difference, however, wall clocks in your office and/or store will need to be adjusted.   

      Also, don't forget to check older electronics that may not automatically update to see if you need to adjust times on them.


      Some seasonal businesses may be changing their hours (opening earlier, or closing earlier). What does the return to Central Standard Time mean for your business?  Do you adjust your work or business schedules, or is it business as usual?


      It's also a great idea to check and change the batteries in your smoke detectors if you do not have a built in system!  Enjoy the extra hour of sleep, but be prepared!