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    Are You Running a Green Business?

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      What is the best way to run an environmentally sound company? Here are a few pointers:


      ·         Comply with local environmental regulations

      ·         Commit to buying recycled office supplies

      ·         Conserve water

      ·         Get educated on climate change

      ·         Opt for renewable energy

      ·         Reduce your company’s carbon foot print and greenhouse gas emissions


      Please share your thoughts about operating an energy efficient business. ~Moderator Mel

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          In addition to the points above, a company must consider the social side of running green businesses. When manufacturing products, a business should take great care to ensure their products are created and assembled in factories not responsible for exploiting employees. Involving the local community is another example. By giving back with donations and education, a company can foster lasting and supportive relationships. Be willing to address the hot button issues such as the wage gap between women and men. Another “hot topic” is discrimination in the workplace. Companies should maintain an ethical set of business practices even when local laws are not enforced. This includes adopting a realistic set of employee goals and rights that will avoid sub-standard working conditions. Care to add your thoughts regarding the social side of hosting a green business? ~Moderator Mel