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    Managing your company's image online

    Moderator Nancy Adventurer

      What people say about your business online matters.  It can affect not only your brand but also future business deals and possible partnerships.



      How do you monitor your brand online?  Have you gotten into the habit of checking your social media sites for customer reviews?  How do you handle a less than positive review while still protecting your business?  Do you have an employee who is dedicated to check the various outlets for customer mentions?


      Managing your brand online has become a necessity.  I look forward to hearing your feedback as well as your creative ideas to keep a positive online image.


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          newsody01 Newbie

          Hello ! I'm Joseph from Newsody ( News aggregator webssite )

          To Monitor your brand online, you have to use the "Online tools"  able to give you several statticstics linked to your business.  You have also to uild up a strategy ( business plan ) on which you will have to see the distribution channels ( internet > via mail ?  • Website? • Newsletters?) and  adopt a graphic colour codes which they will b used mostly to represent the company ( logos etc.) .



          The best way to deal with negative reviews is to ask the clients and promise that you will work on the problems . By this way, people will see that you are caring about the image of your company and  working on the client's satisfaction.




          I am doing this by my own, i am an international business developer and graphic designer, i am using google analytics to monitor the activities of the website ( newsody ) to understand the behaviour of the users.

          i hope that i gave you a sparkle of the answer you were looking for !


          Good luck !