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    Small Business Coach

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      I’ve been hearing about business coaching for a while now so I did a bit of digging on the internet. “Small Business Coaches” are people who have business ownership experience and are willing to share that experience with you. Many of these coaches can mentor the small business owner during the process of honing a clear vision for the future, increasing their revenue and building a substantial customer base. They can also help owners learn necessary business skills, form a solid business plan and offer relief to the overwhelmed business person. Once you determine the need for a business coach, be sure to look for one who is business savvy and offers a competitive pricing schedule. As you interview, look for traits like motivation and accountability. This person should be organized, able to strategize and put you at ease with their confidence.  What would you look for in a potential business coach? ~Moderator Mel

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          When looking for a business coach, look for these traits:

          ·         Attitude is EVERYTHING! Choose someone who has a good sense of humor. Your coach should possess a level head.

          ·         Sharing is caring. Pick a mentor that has experiences they are willing to share. This person should be able to relay their successes and failures.

          ·         Lead by example. Is your mentor the author of a best seller? Has he or she been interviewed by the press? How many testimonials are provided for review? Does your coach offer classes?

          ·         Patience is a virtue! Mentors should be patient as well as determined.

          ·         It’s who you know. Look for a coach that has forged longstanding relationships with other companies in your field of expertise.

          ·         Great expectations. Your mentor should hold you accountable for deadlines. They will help you set realistic goals and encourage you to reach them in a timely fashion.

          I’ve really enjoyed researching this and look forward to sharing more with you. ~Moderator Mel

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              A good sense of humor isn't necessarily an attribute of a business coach. It depends on the type of client you are working with.  Assuming your business coach will have the same point of reference when it comes to "humor" can make for one of the worst experiences a small business owner can have.


              I know quite a number of C-Suite consultants and coaches who haven't written a book, best seller or otherwise.  There are also those who left careers as managers, supervisors, etc, whose second career is working with small business startups and owners as coaches that you won't find on the NYT or Kindle bestsell lists.

              Things to consider when looking for a coach to help in your business means knowing what kind of help you need:

              1. Has the market changed drastically and you need someone to help you determine a new strategy?

              2. Has your marketing been taking major hits lately that you nor your team can seem to figure out?

              3.  Maybe you're ready to expand, but the logistics of it are making you lose sleep?


              Three different problems, and likely coaches with different strengths will be needed.  In either of those situations, a sense of humor doesn't matter nor whether they had a best seller or not.  What matters is:  They've helped a client or overcome the situation themselves, so that they can help me get the results I want.


              There's an excellent blog post available, eMyth,  Don't Hire A Business Coach Who Can't Answer These 7 Questions  that anyone considering working with a coach may want to read.

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                  Hi Danielle,

                  Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! While I would prefer that my business coach have a sense of humor, some business owners may not. Networking with other business owners to gain experience is a great idea. They’ve been there and done that. I’m sure that any business coach worth hiring would be well versed in how to handle changing markets, spotty marketing and the daunting task of expansion. Again, I love to research and I find the information contained in small business owner’s essays quite helpful. Yet, I understand the value of sitting down with a friend in a related field and benefitting from their wisdom. The questions in the article you shared are ingenious. Thanks for sharing. ~Moderator Mel