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    Planning a Start Up?

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      Do you have what it takes to run a successful business? You might want to ask yourself the following questions before you get started:

      1.       Who would benefit most from my services or products?

      2.       Will I have enough funding to get my company going?

      3.       How will I advertise?

      4.       What kind of insurance will I need?

      5.       How will I know what to charge my customers?

      6.       Will I be able to keep up with my competitors?

      7.       Where will my company be located?

      8.       What about taxes?

      9.       How many employees will I need?

      10.   Do I need a business license?

      These are just a few questions facing business owners today. Would you be able to answer these questions if you were planning a start up? ~Moderator Mel

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Great questions Moderator Mel.

          That is why a Business Plan is SO important.

          The Business Plan should answer the important questions and

          also guide the business owner (like a road map) to success.

          Every new business owner needs a lawyer, an accountant,

          an insurance agent and a banker.

          Also remember to contact SCORE> SCORE is FREE.



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            A few tips for running a successful startup company:

            Create useful gadgets. Take advantage of the “Age of Technology” and design a helpful device such as a personal fitness recorder or a dashboard camera, etc.

            We’ve all seen this list and that list, who can keep up with them all? Create a master database for these lists and condense them to make it easier for your customer to find exactly what they’re looking for in half the time.

            Design a website store front that invites shoppers to share their personal product preferences and then suggest items based on those preferences.

            Reach out to customers on a global scale with products that align with the demographics of their area.

            Build an app that allows your customer to personalize their experience such as shopping for music, brushing up on the latest news or choosing their favorite games.

            Wishing you successful ventures in this New Year! ~Moderator Mel