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    Due for a Pivot

    LUCKIEST Guide

      A Pivot: a change that builds on what you’ve done, even if you move in a radically different direction.

      For example you might pivot to focus on a new market or draw on a new set of skills.


      Businesses do pivot, at every stage of existence, for a variety of reasons:

      ... burning out on your current business and feeling ready for something new;

      ... realizing that your business model requires you to delegate the things you enjoyed doing;
      ... observing a market shift and not being able or willing to serve the new version.

      Have you or your business been in a Pivot??

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          moderator_lee Navigator

          Another good topic, LUCKIEST.


          I myself made a big switch from selling original artwork to marketing products with the images and licensing them once I had a portfolio of several hundred paintings as high-resolution scans. It's been a fun and interesting endeavor that provides a lot of opportunities for flexibility and expanding that sticking exclusively to originals simply can't.


          Such a pivot as you say is definitely worth considering if you find yourself stagnating business-wise, as well.


          Interested to see what others have to share.